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Winter holidays in Salzburg

Activities off the slopes in Zell am See Kaprun

Horse-Drawn Carriage & Sleigh Rides

For an especially romantic way to explore the region which surrounds your Hotel Sonja Alpine Resort, we would definitely recommend a ride in the back of a horse-drawn carriage. All wrapped up in nice thick blankets, you will sit in the swaying coach as you glide on two runners through a winter wonderland. The only noise you hear, other than occasional commands from the driver to his horses, is the bright jingle of the bells on the horses’ tackle. A carriage or sleigh ride is always guaranteed to be a holiday highlight during your stay in the Zell am See – Kaprun region. As you make a stop along the route, or once the tour is over, you can look forward to a hot cup of tea and a chance to express your personal thanks to the four-legged creatures who made this all possible.

Winter Hikes – Snowshoeing

This magical form of outdoor exercise is an ideal counterbalance to active winter sports on the piste or cross-country trail; simply exploring the surrounding countryside on foot, or perhaps with snowshoes on your feet. Snowshoes are a big help, especially when you plan to cut across the snow away from the cleared paths, where it can sometimes get quite deep. A special tip for winter hikes in the Zell am See-Kaprun region are the promenades that run alongside the Zeller See. You also have an excellent option in the center of Kaprun or Zell am See as well, where you can even go ahead and take care of your holiday shopping at the same time. The further you get from the town center, of course, the more romantic it becomes. And the interplay of sunshine, light and snow is certain to enchant you.

Joys of Sledding

It’s “Full speed ahead!” as you enjoy a sledding expedition from the mountain all the way back to the valley below. For many winter sports lovers who come to Zell am See – Kaprun, tobogganing is the biggest highlight of them all. Kaprun, incidentally, is also home to the “Maisiflitzer” and the only all-year alpine slide in Austria. The numerous sledding hills in Kaprun, Bruck, Zell am See and Saalfelden likewise promise an extraordinary wintertime adventure. After climbing the mountain on foot or with the help of a taxi, your first job is to stop in at an alpine hut for some refreshments. Once your tummy is full with local specialties and maybe a little “Dutch courage”, you will be primed for your ride on two runners down into the valley. And if you have a chance to enjoy this experience under a full moon, it will be very hard for you to contain your enthusiasm and excitement.